Bonny Pierce Lhotka
80 pages
Coffee table book 11” x13”
The Last Layer: 
New methods in digital printing for photography, fine art, and mixed media
by Bonny Pierce Lhotka
March 26, 2013 release.http://www.digitalalchemybook.comhttp://www.digitalalchemybook.comhttp://www.digitalalchemybook.comhttp://www.digitalalchemybook.comhttp://www.digitalalchemybook.comhttp://www.digitalalchemybook.com
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Horizons: Altered Reality
Bonny Pierce Lhotka
80 pages
Coffee table book 11” x13”

“Red Rain”   
Pigment on bamboo  36” x 48”                                                                
Digital Alchemy: 
Printmaking techniques 
for fine art, photography 
and mixed media 
by Bonny Pierce Lhotka
December 27, 2010 release.http://www.digitalalchemybook.comhttp://www.digitalalchemybook.comhttp://www.digitalalchemybook.comhttp://www.digitalalchemybook.comhttp://www.digitalalchemybook.comhttp://www.digitalalchemybook.comhttp:///

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Shades in Time
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September 12, 6-9pm
Walker Fine Art
Denver Co 80303